Recently I purchased a beautiful shirt online, and wanted to share this purchase in the form of a product review/fashion inspiration post for CHARMING GURU .  I recently had the wonder of an awesome life event just happpen.  This life event in its after glow, along with the natural change of seasons, and the catchy product offering title that hooked me with “Slimming”: beckoned me to a Spring treat. What first attracted me to this shirt was ; the way this top made the model look beautiful in a perfect,polished, and lady like appearance. The next detail to catch my eye was the shirt’s demure color. When shopping online the color we see in the product offering tends to be slightly off when we receive it. Fortunately this shirt color was equally pleasing in person as it was in the online offering. Almost spot on. Finally I loved, the way the pearls were secured to the fabric ( which is a light cotten) and the elegant applique Rather than drone on about the purchasing experience I have decided to share an inspiration board.  On the DAY TIME DEMURE, inspiration board, i have added the basics.  Some Jewelry would be a great way to add a personal touch, or a swap of any of the basic pieces would dramatically change the presentation style.  How would u wear this or, what would you add to this board to really bring out your personal style?

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  1. I’d probably wear dark jeans and cute ankle boots 🙂 Love that shirt, especially the detail on the sleeves.


    This blog is very interesting and important for a young girl. The key to all make-up application is to start with a clean face … with moisturiser if skin is dry or astringent if skin is oily. Less is more is important for tweens and early twenties.

    This starter kit gives the beginner the variety they need. The brushes are probably adequate for this person. Professional brushes are expensive and more for the seasoned make-up artist.

    As the girl needs more coverage she can graduate to the BB creams. These are a blend of moisturizer and foundation … not being strong with either one. There are several on the market in all price points and shades.

    This was a very good kit and definitely worth the small price tag.

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