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Just Last week, I was tipped off about a new make-up kit that I should try. So without further delay, here are my review results on #BYBB make-up kit!

Summer is here; and I am definitely in search of the: barely there, born with it, that is not bronzer! I really have tan, kind of look that most people who are off the runway want to have!!! So in regards to #BYBB let’s talk: Brand message, packaging, and how the make-up behaves on skin.

The Brand Be Yourself Be Beautiful(#BYBB) seems to be in the right place. Sharing through its packaging and Study Guide, that your inner beauty does much more for you than make-up ever could. Which is very beautiful thing to say to our youth. (and should be intensely share to today’s modern woman as well!) I do feel this product is aimed at girls who have just come to an age, and permitted to wear make-up by parents, however; the quality of the product…( if its safe for baby, it should be safe for me too!)made me an offer I could not refuse . #BYBB really educates the buyer, on more than just how to apply make-up. That made me feel impressed, and confident about my purchase. #BYBB let me know I am beautiful, and make up would only enhance how great I do look! I really love the message and education this brand aims towards the “girl” generation. It truly is beautiful.

Next let’s talk packaging! You will find this kit packaged in a card stock box with a trendy punchy print. The tray that holds all of the goodies inside, has that velvet feel to it, which was a pleasant surprise too me; however, it was a bit tough to pry my brushes and the make-up palate, out of the tray. The kit did have one silica package inside, and mine was busted, but not a big deal. The back of the box is full of information about the product and is very helpful when trying to make an informed decision. The eye shadows, bronzer, highlighter, and glosses come in a sweet book like paper based package.The graphics on the palate are sweet and pretty. Did I mention there are brushes and a cute storage pouch? How about a Study Guide?

#BYBB really informs the consumer they have formulated this make-up to accentuate your features, not to provide you with a look that is avant-garde or very intense. The pictures in the brochures and packaging are mostly young girls. The bit about “asking my mom if I can wear make up”, really let me know the target audience of this kit. I felt a bit sheepish testing out this kit on myself. But Talc free make-up..okay I was game! We really must discuss; the way, this brand choose to educate consumers. The guides are so very detailed, and after reading the study guide; I felt a young person reading this for the first time would have gained a lot of skill with make-up application. The Study Guide has tips for taking care of your health, skin, suggests get your mom involved, and has cosmetology diagrams of the designated places the make should be placed, their common names and where make should be placed. This kit even talks about using a light touch for a desired effect!

On to another must make point about this brands make-up formula.

When I talk about make-up, especially with chemist and hard-core naturalists, the first thing I usually get from them is a question about “is this make up actually good for your skin?” #BYBB packaging would imply their make-up is free from a lot of potentially hazardous chemicals and additives found in most make-up. Here is a list of all the stuff #BYBB is free of: Paraben, Phthalate, and the current big one TALC. A make-up that is talc free has got to be a good thing. Again if its safe for young girls, it should be safe for me too? The box does have a printed claim “Mom Approved”.

Now on to our last topic for this review, how does the make behave.

The kit has included make-up brushes and a pouch to store them. The brush handles are super. The handles really feel ergonomic, and have been labeled as well. The brush bristles on the other hand, are soft and white, and could be much better. The brushes really do not do justice to the quality of the shadows (pressed powder), and shades. The powder brush was not stiff at all and really held all the pigment. When I applied the bronzer and cheek color, my powder brush soaked up the pigment and left me with but a mere shimmer, rather than the barely there look. Since this product is not geared towards women, I could talk myself into saying “why the brushes are that way.” But poor brush quality seems a contradiction to the all education the guide gave me. The storage pouch however was a nice touch. I would have liked them to include tips on how to keep my brushes clean.

I was actually very surprised at the quality of the shadows and pressed powder bronzer and cheek color. When I used my pro-brushes, the pressed powder shades did awesome. I applied these goodies, with moisturizer only, ( like a young lady might) and with a nice foundation,and my brushes. I really loved the results I got with my brushes. The pigment in the nude/neutral palate really came through. The powders are not to heavy, but I did feel like I had make-up on, but it was not itchy or cakie when photographed. If you just need to hear about the flaws, the pressed powders, are very high shimmer, which is not totally a bad thing for a young girls day time look, and not to far from On Trend in ladies make-up up.

Let me give the lip gloss a nice mention, they were fun to wear and they also felt very natural. And it was awesome having the dedicated brush to apply it. The longer I think about this experience I definitely enjoyed wearing this make-up. With the study guide this kit has, you will want to call your self a guru too, and even if you’re not ready for guru you’ll have a very shimmering light glow.


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    1. Toni Price,.. Charming Guru did reach out to BYBB and they(BYBB) did let us know, Charming Guru is correct on the make-up brushes. The brushes are designed to hold less powders. BYBB let us know this review is FABALOUS! Feel free to like and share our posts any time. If you would like Charming Guru to try a product that you want to buy, let us know and our top requests will appear on this blog!

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