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My summer foundation journey has been rough. The climate I live in is hot, and make-up melts when you’re glistening heavily because it is 110 degrees in the shade. The last few years I have simply stuck with my same ol foundation for summer and winter. Reason being, I was not able to find the so-called sheer coverage foundations. When I let my family know charming guru was my new thing, and what charming guru was all about, I got some great tips and points in the best directions.  In one of the suggested directions, I found an awesome article on the current top 8 foundations. As you can imagine I read it, expecting to hear what I was already well aware of. And suddenly, I saw exactly what I needed to see. Chubby in the Nude, a foundation stick, made by my childhood go-to counter cosmetics brand, Clinique. After reading the article, I simply went on about my business, and began dreaming. What would my life be like if the sticks claims to fame were true? Later that evening, I was shopping online, and saw a free gift with purchase. Needing less to say,- by sunset the following evening, I had my new chubby in the nude foundation stick.  Allow me to fill you in on all the, best and worst points of this product. I will also share some secrets to making this foundation stick stretch a little further, in case you love it as much as I did. This time around, we will discuss packaging, the product, and some application tips I recommend to stretch out your purchase.

Chubby In The Nude is the new stick foundation line.  Chubby sticks come in a variety of products and are made by Clinique.  The packaging is a plastic type of acrylic tube with a chrome/sliver click turn dispenser.  The tube has the signature lid and;  accessing the portion, is as simple as doodling with a giant crayon, on the area of your face you would like to have some coverage. I was a little shocked that my chubby stick had a chrome sticker on the bottom vs, the traditional shade name and number, but not a deal breaker. The shade name is actually printed right on the side of the chubby stick and seems more rich in appearance. Now I did notice there seems to be a hair sized space running the circumference of the actual foundation. Which made me feel a little uncomfortable, but again not a deal breaker.

chubbybox chubbystandtall

Now let’s talk about the foundation. The following findings may slightly blur with application tips, but I will try to keep it as clear as possible.

The Chubby in the Nude Foundation stick has .21 oz of stick foundation, which seem like not a very generous amount. I did apply the foundation using 2 separate techniques. I first applied the foundation to clean skin no moisturizer, and found that the coverage was very sheer, and consistency of the product seemed hardly able to blend with my fingers. The product seemed so thick that my fingers could hardly blend it. I was worried I was using more of a contour product than a foundation. You should keep in mind the article that inspired me to buy this, told me, the foundation was sheer, and moisturizing. In conclusion to my first attempt, if you were to simply just grabbed this product off the shelf, and are going for the summer time hardly need all-over coverage kind of woman. Meaning, just need foundation on my cheeks, maybe to even out my skin tones, or just to cover a few places on your face. I can confidently say right out of the box this stuff is definitely for you, not only did it cover but it felt and looked SHEER.  My first application is not to far from the brand’s message of application or their application gif.  I would like to side track for a quick fact, to make an important point. Estee Lauder the founder of Estee Lauder, has a daughter who(m) Clinique was founded.  Clinique is ment to be for  young women, who have sensitive skin or like very gentle make-up. The finished look a Clinique customer would want to achieve is polished, lady like, and the occasional more intense look.  MAC the sister company of Clinique is the most dramatic of the 3.  So I would say that the Chubby In The Nude foundation stick, is true to brand and,if you used this product with minimal make-up knowledge you would have exactly what was advertised.

My second application technique was much more of a professional touch. I had a really big day and needed a subtle yet glamorous effect. This time I applied moisturizer before using the chubby stick.   It was like chubby in the nude came to life. I did reach out to Clinique and asked the beauty consultants the best way to put this stuff on.  The consultant suggested 3 swipes (lines) on each cheek, a swipe across my forehead, nose and chin. I had all the product on I needed. I also asked if they recommended using a foundation brush or fingers.  The Clinique consultant suggested fingers were best. Taking her advise into thought, I tried both, applications techniques, brush and finger. When applying the foundation with a professional foundation flat BRUSH, not a sponge or blender thing; the foundation did spread across my face and was very very sheer. I did apply another coat with my fingers, as I was used to heavy coverage, and wanted to have on noticeable make-up, but shame on me because; I had the sheer as advertised. The looking I was searching for! In my defense I did want a more glamours look, and I did discover the product was very easy to layer for more coverage if needed.  I did use light pressure when apply the stick, so a little did go along way. One last mention, on brush vs. finger, I do think that finger blending was the best method of application for this product.



Moving on to the STRETCH MY PRODUCT tips.  As you have read, I really felt worried, that I did not have a lot of product.  The following tips will really help you to get this product to blend out or spread out across your face better.

Tip 1)  Start off with clean skin, and be sure your skin has been pat dry or towel dried.

Tip 2) Apply your favorite moisturizer, and ALLOW IT TO DRY before adding any other products to the face.

Tip 3) Use an all in one Primer.  As you read above I tried a few methods to get my perfect look, but when I used the primer on top of moisturizer, It was like I had the foundation of my dreams!

Side Note: If you usually notice by the end of the day, you foundation as been absorbed into your skin or has “vanished”, or you get those dry patches exposed.  Primer is definitely for you. Primer is even for oily skin ladies as well. Try it and you will really see the life of your foundation.  My foundation stayed on my face and when I arrived home later I still had on foundation!

Tip 4) Realize this is not the same coverage type as your liquid, it will look sheer because it is.

Tip 5) It is summer! You do not need tons of coverage, Dare to let parts of your face be NUDE. Apply this to the T-Zone and maybe the chin or just in the spots where you need to be evened out, and you will have a flawless, natural look.

Tip 6) If you have dry skin or use this product all over, DO NOT set it with Loose powder all over! It will cake up and you will not have the look you expected.  I used powder to set just under my eyes.  If you have to set use a pressed powder or the liquid spray type of set.

These tips will really help you stretch this product. Charming Guru loves this product. I was told my make-up looked better on chubby stick trial day than my own wedding day! So that was a huge plus and totally made me fall in love with this foundation, at least for spring/summer! Chubby In the Nude Foundation Stick, will definitely be in my make-up bag this summer!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find this helpful. Feel free to share, Like, Comment, and subscribe to Charming Guru Blog.  You can also follow charmingguru on instagram and like us on facebook.

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  1. This was a fantastic review! You did very in-depth reporting. Side note: using your fingers for application is best. The reason being that your fingertips warm up the foundation and it blends in better. Wonderful….love ya

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