I’m sure you’ve all seen the telemarketing or infomercials on television.  They appear most often late at night or as fillers before newscasts on weekends.  Usually they are promoting cosmetics and they can be addictive to watch.  Also, this type of promotion or selling is seen on home shopping networks.

As I mentioned, they are addictive.  Especially if you are as nutso about cosmetics as I am!  I can wander for hours in cosmetic stores or cosmetic sections in the department stores.  And gwp’s ….. Gift with Purchase…..are always calling my name.

Back to buying cosmetics from infomercials….these companies promote their products by first hooking you on the miracles their products offer by introducing them one by one.  Then….they offer you a package of their “best sellers” with an incredibly low cost to you.  And if you don’t order immediately, they will reduce the price even more for the package deal and add extra product samples….plus shipping and handling !

Now that you have received the products and are hooked on them, they inform you that you now have enough product for thirty days.  And in thirty days they will send you the full size products that will last you for at least three months.

AND, they will bill you each month “x” number of dollars.  This cycle will continue forever unless you cancel.  And you will begin to stock-pile product if you don’t use as much …or all…. of the products.   Some marketing companies offer an online site you can get on and reduce the amount of product sent every three month cycle, staying within a limited number of products.  I’m not certain they all do but the ones I’ve dealt with do.  However, you have to remember to do that.

Also, they prefer to deduct the monthly payments from your bank account.
There again, you have to remember to make sure the money is in the bank.

In summary, this can work for you if you’re a busy woman with zero shopping time and are diligent about the online order reduction, and the banking.  However, I have found since I like shopping so much, I buy additional products and spend too much money!

So shop at your pleasure…..and economically.

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