My Cowash Routine

Have you kicked your shampoo bottle out of the shower? I certainly have. Does shampoo dry your hair and scalp out? Are you ready to ditch laurel any and sulfate any? Co-washing just might meet your needs.
This post will cover my cowash, routine and a few secrets I have that optimize my routine.

Personally I have no shampoo bottles in my shower. I stopped using shampoo, because I shed massive amounts of hair. And I especially lose the most hair when washing out shampoo. I have tried a few cowash brands, some are definitely better than others.

I have made a look t of changes to my personal hair care routine. I cowash my hair once every 5-7 days. If there is a lot going on for me, I’ll wash every 3 days. Let’s dig into my techniques.

Once you have your favorite cowash, follow these steps.

STEP1: Wet your hair

STEP2: Section your hair from front to back and ear to ear, that 4 equal quarters.

STEP3: Apply cowash on the on the hairline parts.

STEP4: work each quarter by applying the cowash to hair in 1 in partings.

TIP: Apply cowash only to hair new growth. leaving the length with no product

STEP5: Allow cowash to sit on scalp for 3-5 min.

STEP6: Massage cowash through hair or massage scalp if needed.

TIP:Apply a 1/2 cup water and massage hair as of using shampoo.

STEP6: Rinse thoroughly

and that is it your done.

Occasionally if you feel obligated add conditioner just to the ends after step4 and then follow with step 5.

This has changed my hairs life. I lose less hair, I do not go through product as quickly, and I am able to buy a higher quality cowash, because I saved money. Other noticeable benefits my scalp stopped itching on the very next day.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. Let me know your tips, thoughts, questions in comments below.

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