Dry Shampoo Hack

Are you a dry shampoo fan? (man I love that stuff)In my last post I shared just how often I wash my hair. (It’s not that often). Often I find myself in conversation about all- natural remedies and those conversations have inspired me to share my DRY SHAMPOO HACK.

Things you will need:

1 vessel/container with a lid to use as a shaker.

Enough corn starch to fill your shaker

Few drops of essential oil.

°Optional stir stick for mixing.

For my vessel, I choose a glass shaker. Why that you might ask. Here is why. It has holes in the lid already.It comes with a stopper, and the container part is clear so I’ll know when it’s time to refill.

Next you’ll read my step by step recipe for dry shampoo.

Step 1
In my vessel/container I add a drop of essential oil.

Glass shaker and essential oil.
Glass shaker and essential oil.

Step 2
Then I add about 1/3 of the cornstarch. I personally mix at this point,but you can continue this layer pattern untill your container is full. I like to leave a little room to shake to mix.

If you chose a container with out holes for dispensing you will need to make dispensing holes. Keep in mind a little cornstarch goes along way when applying to your scalp.

Finished dry shampoo.
Finished dry shampoo.

Now you have an environmentally safe, and chemical free batch, of non aerosol dry shampoo. To use simply part hair shake onto scalp. Rub into scalp and style. Enjoy

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