Revlon Illuminate Skin Renewal System

Greetings everyone!  Let’s talk skin care this post. I have purchased a skin care device. It is made by Revlon and specifically called Illuminate Skin Renewal System . This review will discuss value, the device performance, and how I use this device.

Let’s jump right into value. This device comes with 5 attachments,the base device, plus batteries.  I got all that for $19.99 plus tax, at a local mart in my area. Here is a link to Replacements Sponge Heads. That is an awesome price point, since other major brands start at a price point of $120, and up! While au natural is moving in, skin care is going to be your ticket to EASY. This device would make an awesome gift to any college student. I can also see this as a great starter for someone who wants to get serious about skin care and would like to develop a serious routine. I actually feel really lucky to get this device at such an affordable price.  After seeing noticeable results with one use, we may purchase one for him!!!


My second discussion point is about device performance. Well I’d definitely say I got what I expected.  The Skin illumination device is battery-powered so the power behind the spin will change as the batteries loose juice, but pop in a new trio of double A, and viola! My device heads squeak a little when they turn but applying a little chap stick would probably fix that. I have 2 speed settings to choose from High and Low. The multi-speed options are awesome  functionality and I do use both speed variables when using this device which is Every Morning (see instagram just scroll down my page) and every night. There is an extraction attachment. I use it, but I rarely have pimples/ blemishes/ zits. Surprisingly I do find some body ash on the head after using it. This device extracts using suction. I am not sure if that is any more or less than a loop extractor, but it definitely increases circulation, and helps give that healthy glow. On to the bristles head. Yes it looks not as dense as other heads, but the way to use this attachment is for DRY brushing! And its amazing.

On to my Step by Step, How I use the Revlon Skin Illumination device.

My first tip is, to do this routine after a shower or bath. Or perhaps after a steam.

Step 1) wet your face,

Step2)Wet sponge

Step3)add your fav face wash to the sponge

Cleansing pad attachment.
Cleansing pad attachment.

Step4) turn that baby on, to low and allow device head to pass all over the surface of your face.

Tip: You do not need a lot of pressure.  Facial skin is delicate. Be nice to your collagen and let the device do the work.

Step5) Turn off device and wash off suds with tepid water. And pat your face dry

Step6) attach the brush head, and dry brush all over your face. This is amazing and gentle exfoliation.

Brush attachment
Brush attachment

Step7) attach extractor head and use where you may have pustules, and gently run all over face.

Extraction attachment
Extraction attachment

Step 8) Apply your fav serum and creams.

Step 9) attach message head, and gently move the device over all of your face to increase circulation.

Massage, circulation attachment
Massage, circulation attachment

Tip: immediately cleanse your device heads after each use and set in the open to dry. Spitz with alcohol when dry and store.

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