May 28th Watch

The watch, an iconic time piece; some watches are luxurious and others affordable. To many the watch is an essential accessory and needs to match the wearers personal style. Just last month I was selected to try May28th watches. This post will cover my opinion of this watch including: packaging, watch band, face, and back.

Let’s talk packaging! If you were to purchase a May28th watch,your watch will come in a very charming box, that matches or exemplifies the watch design. I received a very geometric yet aesthetically pleasing box and watch. The box was covered with thin plastic wrapper and sealed with a branded sticker. I was thrilled, and thought it was a nice touch.

Moving on to the watch and band. The watch face is plastic, and your run of the mill classic automatic, turn dial watch. There are tons of minimalist styles to choose from. The band is a very soft, flexible, and impressively comfortable plastic as well.  The back of the watch has a branded sticker over the battery cover. Judging purely from the feel of the watch, it is not waterproof or resistant; additionally, I think once your battery dies,you should be encouraged to by a new watch.

Overal, I like this watch, I have found myself popping this on as a great casual accessory.


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