Time Revolution

Today I want to discuss a new K-Beauty product, and you can find this one at Target. It’s an ampule, and can be used Day or Night. The product I’m reviewing is Missha Time Revolution. Im going to discuss packaging, my opinion and results of use.

I really like the packaging. A glass bottle with a plastic dropper applicator.

Additionally this ampule does come in a very attractive royal purple paper box.  Overall not anything fancy, but standard for product type.

So what’s inside the bottle?  A wonderfully scented glee substance made from borabbit. The glee is an ampule so that means super concentration. As much as I enjoyed using this product, I think it’s mediocre as an ampule.  Its great as a daily and nightly moisturizer. Personally this didn’t yeild me any noticeable results, that i didn’t already get from other cheaper products. Additionally if I do use this product I have to wash it off in the morning other wise I break out.

I didnt absolutely fall in love with this ampule. But it does moisture your skin. In conclusion I would not repurchase this.





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