Almay Healthyglow Foundation

Wait no longer beauties the test is wrapped up and I’m ready to weigh in on Almay Healthyglow gradual self tanning foundation.

As usual I’ll review the following points: packaging, product, and results.

Almay Healthyglow Foundation packaging seems to be an engineering marvel. The bottle is a double barrel encased in one large container, with a push-button pump. I heard a lot of noise about how this pump is faulty, but after testing this for myself, i only have 2 things to say about it. 1) Every woman and her mother knows to shake a bottle of liquid foundation before use. 2) the instructions say to tap bottle vigorously before use. My common sences told me I bet this thick liquid needs a warm up. I personally gently warmed the bottle with my hands,and tapped the bottle like I needed stress relief. There were no uneven product distribution issues. Another fun fact about this packaging is that the bottle lid is the same skin tone as the liquid inside.

Jumping into product. The portion size coming from the pump is huge. And if you use Almay Healthyglow as suggested by the bottle, you’ll hit medium coverage in one use.

Full Pump of Almay Healthyglow Foundation in shade 100-LIGHT

When you pump the product out into your hand, as shown above, you will see both products pump into your hand. And you will be looking at foundation and gradual self tanner. Simply mix the two and apply just like any other foundation. Personally I only used a half pump and got the coverage I was looking for. I applied the foundation with my fingers and with a damp beauty sponge.

The feel of this foundation, to me, is moisturizing. Surprisingly the foundation feels so flexible on my face. HealthyGlow Foundation looks like skin. Maybe all the SPF gives it an amazing texture, but it’s perfect on dry skin. You can set it, you can use primers, and setting sprays. I layered on creme contour, liquid highlighter, highlighter powder blush, bronzer.

Just what you’ve been waiting for my test results.

After just 3days of daily wear I had the most luminous, glowing skin, I have ever had. Seriously I was thinking to myself,”finally all that skin care was paying off.” But it was the foundation.

My make up free face glowing and I think my skintone seemed very subtly deeper after a week of continuous use.[/caption

Additionally when wearing this foundation I perceived I had this golden glow that those high-end beach models have. That kind of glow is usually created with reflectors and maybe Photoshop, but Almay put it in a bottle. This is one of the best drug store foundations I have ever used.

[caption id="attachment_254" align="alignnone" width="248"] Everyday natural make up look, featuring Almay Healthyglow Foundation

Amped up loom featuring Almay Healthyglow Foundation

In conclusion, this Almay Healthyglow Foundation is amazing. The light shades favor yellow undertones, and I wish they had one shade in fair or very fair. It’s perfect for dry skin. The foundation preformed well. It can last at least 6-8 hrs or longer with touch ups. I could see myself buying this again and will certainly be wearing it all summer or untill the bottle runs out! In fact I’ll be giving away a bottle along with a few other goodies on instagram, so stay tuned to my social media channels for deets. Please remember to subscribe to my blog, comment on this post and share.

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Loreal Infallible Total Coverage Kit

I have been working so hard testing out products that I think are worth sharing some thoughts on. When all of a sudden pre spring, really 6 months ago color correction became a thing. There were these skillfully placed color corrections placed on women’s faces in the form of fairy trees or other dream like imagery. Any how it was amazing to see. After those videos were forgotten, I was thinking to myself, maybe its time to seriously commit to make up. Start replenishing my old professional stash, that had run its course. I thought well everyone has forgotten about color correction I’ll start there. All of a sudden color correction pallets became the next have to have item. 2 seasoned YouTube vloggers featured cc pallets. I have tested 2 major brand pallets. And have a third waiting to be used. This post features the pallet Loreal Infallible Total Cover Correction Kit .I feel this is the drug store pallet worth using on a personal make up bag level.

Beauties you know my review style: packaging, and performance. But today I’m going to add in tips on how to use this pallet. So onward to the juicy details.

The Loreal Infallible Total Cover Correction Kit has 4 cc concealers and an application sponge all in a shiny black, plastic case. I don’t like to talk price when it comes to my reviews, because it’s about an encompassing check list for me… any how, this pallet is 13 dollars. And that plastic package, ain’t nothing fancy! Bonus though FYI there are 3 dollar off coupons on the pallet for now. That price is the most awful part of this pallet. The cc concealer shades you get are: green, yellow, purple, and orange.

Deep diving into my thoughts on performance, here we go! The big shocker is, I really feel this pallet is meant for light tones of skin. The shades of consealer are very light pastel. While these cc consealer shades and undertones are prefect for my fair tones. I did my friends make up, and she is a very deep coastal South Indian skin tone. Instead of the orange adding a warm deep color to even out her discoloration. The orange shade seemed to merely neutralize to ash the discoloration.I ended up layering cc shades of yellow and orange, and had extreme brightening effects. Bottom line, undertones are so important. Seriously we could have skipped it. If I was desperate we could layer one basic color, but since I am testing a third pallet, I would test the depth of colors ,vs repeating the mediocre result on dark skin. I do feel light tan and light olive tones could also use this pallet.

Tip 1: Green will cancel out redness. Rather than dotting on each blemish, if you have clusters of pimples cover the whole patch and gently blend outer edges of cc concealer.
Tip 2: Yellow is Amazing awesome brighter for Tan skin tones.
Tip 3: Lavender may help neutralize yellow foundations. This tip would be especially helpful to very fair tones.
Tip 4: use orange cc on dark eye circles or to correct dark hyper-pigmention.

In conclusion I am very happy with this pallet. The formula is creamy,provides great coverage, and is so easy to blend. I’m a little embarrassed but I live the tiny thin sponge, but it probably is cheap. I think is a splurge, but worth it with a coupon. However if you have deep ethnic tones darker than tan, I’d steer clear. Other wise this pallet gets 2 thumbs up for quality.

Have you tried this pallet? Got product recommendations? Share in the comments below.

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