Flower Beauty Glisten Up Highlighter Chubby

Finally its Summer again. That time of year you can take your make up off, and be so on trend and looking perfect for anywhere. And right now I have got to share this swooning worthy, Highlighter. Have you heard the buzz about FLOWER BEAUTY? Flower Beauty may be a really young brand, but the quality and sense of style exudes years of experience. Flower Beauty can be found at Wal-Mart. A lot of my girl friends have almost unanimously shared they want to know some products they can find that have quality performance, but won’t require an entire paycheck to purchase them. And so I ask you. Are you in love with that intense, bright, glowing highlight? Then this review is for you!

Let’s talk packaging, product, and a few tips on how to use this Highlighter.

Glisten Up really is the perfect name for this chubby. Flower beauty’s message of style translates to Make up is to enhance the beauty that is your. And very roughly don’t let make up wear you. You get the picture. So with that in mind the chubby is kind of small in size. But the ideal usage would really have this stick lasting a long time. I still think it should be bigger. The packaging is demure, yet simple. Really nothing fancy but this tube is very attractive. On the plus side,I think your money is going into product and not an overtly bulky package.

Aside from a simple package, the styling opportunities this chubby can achieve are anything but simple. I adore the finished look I get using this Highlighter. The palest flush of pink and the most shimmering glints of gold, just take me to all kinds of creative places. In the photo below I provided 2 swatches of Glisten Up. One swatch is with the product blended and the other swatch showing the buildable intensity that is easily achieved.

High intensity swatch

Blended natural Glisten swatch.

I did all of the swatches with flash so you can get a strong feel for the intensity of the light reflection a.k.a highlight.

Let’s wrap up this review with a few tips on using Glisten Up.

1) hold the stick like a pencil and draw the Highlighter on to your face.

2) if not a huge fan of intense highlighting. Simply use the tips of you fingers palm side of course and gently tap and Pat the edges of the line of demarcation. This is called blurring or blending. Final results will yield a softened natural illumination to the skin.
3) To get that Instagram glam. I apply Glisten up where I’d place Highlighter and I keep applying untill I get the desired effect. Very lightly blend any harsh lines and set with a highlight powder.
4) This is awesome for eye shadow too, and is the perfect illumination tool. I constantly wear just Glisten up on cheeks, eyes, and forehead, and I just feel incredibly glowy.

Special thanks to the girls on Facebook who shared their thoughts. All opinions are my own.

Let me know what you think about this review or if you have any questions about my experience with this product in the comments below. To find Glisten UpChubby Highlighter click on any Underlined Glisten Up.

Here is the shade name of the chubby featured in this post.

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