Masque*Ology ™ Hydro-Gel Collegen GoldMask

Searching for skin care products that actually work, requires a lot of effort. And all to obviously trying a lot of products comes with it. So if you are exhausted of skin care products failing to give you instant results, I have found a skin care mask worthy of talking about. And it’s my right now secret weapon. Should I share?? Alright you win!

Introducing Maskology Hydro-Gel Gold Mask.

The points I’ll be illuminating are: Packaging, the product, my results, and how I achieved my results.
Read along while I share all the glittering benefits to this amazing find.
Spoiler Alert: it’s affordable!!! Here is another link to the Maskology Hydro-Gel Gold Mask

I know your so ready for the product deets. Discussing the packaging’s look and feel may seem dramatic, but trust me. Simply seeing this mask on Instagram made me buy this.
Kicking things off, we have got to chat about what the Maskology Hydro-Gel Gold Mask package looks like so you can find it.Maskology Hydro-Gel Gold Maskcomes in a very stable lined,metal pouch. I really appreciate the packaging because any extra essence stays very stable inside after opening for a while. The pouch is black, with a picture of a gold mask and some very scientific graphics.

I felt like a serious skin care aficionado while buying it. Now I am going to club this packaging discussion point with describing, the look and feel of the actual Maskology Hydro-Gel Gold Mask.
Put your sunglasses on or prepare to fall in love at first sight.
This insanely beautiful mask, will have any Holo-effects lover gasping with the sound of ,’I must have’ resonating from every fiber of their existence. This mask is seriously beautiful. What gives the Maskology Hydro-Gel Gold Mask its glittering allure? 24k gold. Additionally hydro gel masks are fairly fragile. Extremely long nail ladies your going to need assistance. This mask is really easy to use and comes in 2 pieces. Huge adoration points from me, because the mask is meant to fit all faces, not the contrary all faces will have to fit the mask norm.Although I mentioned handle with awareness, the gold mask is stable enough to stretch. Last benefit before we jump in deeper to results. My personal feeling is that I love the amount of essence in the pouch and on the mask. There is so much essence the mask slips a little until your skin starts drinking. After about 20 minutes you’ll feel the mask has adhered to your face and feels a little tugging. Love connection.

Enough about all the little things, and yes I finally do wear this. Allow me to share my results.
I will share the same way I used the mask so that you can recreate and hopefully have the same experience.

First prepare your face to soak up as much essence as possible. Do this by washing your face gentally with warm water. If you have a facial warm steamer, use it as an additional step to really open your pores. For those of us who don’t have facial steamer, jump in the shower and use the steam to open your pores and soften the skin. This is the only modification I made to the direction on the packaging.
Next apply the mask to suit your face, wait 20 minutes, and peel off. You can forget rinsing off the essence. Your skin wants to soak all of this essence up.
Just to add a closing tip: use the left over eye and chin cut outs the next day for a boost.

2 pieces forehead nose as one piece, and chin strap as a 2nd piece. Totally genius design.

Just call me captain of the glitterati! This mask is loaded with gold dust.

Results, let’s talk results. Get really close to the mirror in fact to close and you’ll see your pores appear reduced, skin just seems to appear tighter, bouncy, firm. Additionally I usually have the most subtle glittering from the deposit of gold dust on to my skin. What could be more evident than that? Personally I adore this mask. I made everyone in my family try it. Totally recommend this. For ladies who have those deep tones and use Banana powder this would be a great step under your glam looks. Especially if you’re setting with Banana powder this would just brighten your natural skin. You’ll be glittering.

Once the essence soaks in the mask is wonderful and snug.

Wishing for natural day light, but this is the best artificial light capture of glowing. You can see the golden glow all over my skin.

And after 20 minutes.

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