Majestic Pure Hylaronic Acid Serum

Before you swear me off as a skin care quack, let me calm your acid fears. Today we have to talk about the amazing find Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Serum from Majestic Pure. This post will discuss this product via the following topic points: 1) Define what hyaluronic Acid is 2) Packaging 3) Options for product usage and the results.

Go ahead get comfortable, and let’s deep dive into Majestic Pure’s hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Serum together.

Before I started my skin care journey, I was terrified of any product title containing the word acid. Worry free reader, your skin will not melt off. In fact hyaluronic acid is known for its plumping and moisturizer effects.
So what exactly is hyaluronic acid? It is a type of carbohydrate and it is naturally occurring in your body. You don’t have to take my word for it either, do some research on the health benefits of hyaluronic acid. So now that we agree it’s a safe skin care ingredient let’s get on to packaging.

This moisturizing serum definitely has awesome packaging. I feel like I have received value and a quality product. The packaging is very sophisticated, with a clean white lid with an elegant chrome stripe. The bottle is clear glass with a pump. It’s sophisticated and pretty. The bottles lux aesthetic will look clean on your vanity.

Let’s dive a little deeper and talk about the product. This serum is so gentle yet so powerful. I use one pump for my whole face. The consistency of the serum just a little thicker than water. From my vanity this product is amazing. I adore the texture,of this serum. It sinks into my skin very nicely and too to. This serum is day and night worthy.

Can you see the rest of the pump in my palm?

Here are my findings on options for product usage. Skincare routines can get pretty detailed. Some prefer 10+ steps while others just maybe 3. My findings of usage are, this serum is awesome especially layered underneath a day cream. I feel like the serum just goes farther and stays on my skin longer. Additionally I did test this out alone and while I do feel that it’s a good moisturizer; I really saw the best results under make up and with combination use with other products.

If you are interested in this serum, visit to learn more. If you decide this is a serious necessity in your skincare routine and I do agree it’s worth it. I have a discount code to share with you. Use MEGALOVE for 25% off and even on sale items. Let me know your thoughts on hyaluronic Acid Serums below in the comments.

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