Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner Gel

Gel Eyeliner, what’s so special about that? Join me for a quick review of Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner Gel Crayon.As usual this post will talk about the actual product, the packaging, and a few helpful usage tips.

I really like gel liner pencils in comparison to plain pencils. So many pain points are alleviated. This gel liner is unique and different because of: the finish, which is matte, formula so creamy dreamy, and intense pigmentations. Most gel eyeliners have a satin finish but have a much more light reflective sheen than standard pencil liner. The Marc Jacobs Matte Highliner Gel Crayon, practically melts, on to the eye and is totally matte. No tugging and struggling to apply. I seriously didn’t realize what I was missing when it came to high-end eyeliner. I confidently say to you, I loved using this.

Packaging is half the fun of blogging about make up, so here are the details. These arrived in a stylish but sturdy shiny black paper box. And upon opening it, there were 2 matter silver highliner crayons. I think they look like very slim cigar tubes.

Really very masculine design, but still attractive. The color of the crayon is indicated by a color swatch on the stick. It is very true to color. And to dispense more crayon for use, just turn the bottom.

The crayon has some many good uses. So let’s wrap up with a few ideas to inspire you on how you would use this eyeliner.

I think my favorite way to wear this is as a winged eyeliner. Simply the basic way the product was meant to be worn. Another awesome way to wear Highliner gel is to apply it to the outer V of the eye and smudge and blend until you get a soft smoky spot light effect. If you have the place to go, you can always opt for the graphic eyeliner Highliner look, aka a cut crease from the 70’s.

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