Oasis Vox Box

The hot summer has me searching for a beautiful Oasis. I’ve got a virtual Oasis on influenster to take my mind off the grind. Influenster recently sent me an Oasis Vox Box,and I would love to share about it with you, but pardon my empty snack wrappers. I ate them all before I found out I was a top influenster and could score up a BONUS badge.

This box was the best box I have received. It had items that I really would prefer to receive. Here is the list of goodies. 2 of the 4 Vera Wang embrace scents. I tried the refreshing Rose and Vanilla as well as the Periwinkle and Iris. The new Vitalist Healthy Elixer Foundation from CoverGirl and a sample size bottle of EVA New York 10 in 1 hair primer. The Oasis Vox Box, also had some fun snacks 3 flavors of Welch’s Fruit Rolls and a PB and J flavor Aloha bar. Last but certainly not the least, Oasis Vox box featured Evolution cold pressed juice.

Following the same style as my last Vox entry, I’ll give you a short and sweet play by play of my experience with each product below.


Rose and Vanilla- I loved how this fragrance was able to capture the scent of fresh-cut roses. I was impressed with the very light notes of vanilla and a noticeable hint of mandarin orange. This light vanilla touch actually made me feel the fragrance was tastefully made. Personally the scent is perfect for the office or any day event that you should be mindful of the sensitivity of others. I even think this is the perfect active fragrance for a woman.

Periwinkle and Iris- I am so impressed with this particular scent. It is definitely impactful. And a little goes along way with this scent. Again I feel this scent reminded me of sandalwood but it’s not in the bottle. This scent is wonderfully exotic, but not overtly intoxicating. However it is a very distinct very deep scent that others will certainly smell. Be polite if you wear this to work as too much of this would certainly overwhelm. I confidently say wear as much as you like on the weekend. I could see myself buying this fragrance.


I am so confused by this product. It has an amazing scent, but I just didn’t notice any of the claimed benefits except when I used it as a styling aide for my natural wavy curly hair. If they offered this product as a hair deodorant or refreshing spray I could see myself buying it. But as a hair primer It confused me.


This foundation is Cover Girl-A-made-zing. I loved everything about this foundation. Wear a thin layer or build it up to full coverage with a brush or blender sponge. This bottle makes me want to wear full glam make up every day. I never had a dry patch. I do highly recommend wearing a primer with this as I personally felt better coverage with vs without. Zero oxidation issue, but I am not oily. Grabs great on to primer. A little goes along way. Easy to blend, and my favorite part easy to remove. I can definitely see this foundation as a staple in my bag.
Here are a few pictures so you can see why I loved this foundation so much.

Here is a link to check out Vitalist Healthy Elixer Foundation

Now those snacks.

These were so soft. I really like how the rolls are made of real fruit and you can see it for your self when you unroll them. They are packed with vitamin c, so definitely a fun treat to find on an Oasis. I really loved the tropical punch and strawberry. I shared the berry roll with my colleague, and they really liked it.


I would like to try a different flavor because this was awful. And I hope to remember them with better feeling than this bar gave me.


This is an amazing flavor when it comes to green juice. It’s sweet and not overtly citrus or fishy/butter. When I go on my green juice binges, I must have one everyday. This one is perfect in texture as well. It looks delicious because it is.

NOTE: All opinions are my own. I received this box and all of the products in it complimentary of the brands via Influenster.

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Almay Healthyglow Foundation

Wait no longer beauties the test is wrapped up and I’m ready to weigh in on Almay Healthyglow gradual self tanning foundation.

As usual I’ll review the following points: packaging, product, and results.

Almay Healthyglow Foundation packaging seems to be an engineering marvel. The bottle is a double barrel encased in one large container, with a push-button pump. I heard a lot of noise about how this pump is faulty, but after testing this for myself, i only have 2 things to say about it. 1) Every woman and her mother knows to shake a bottle of liquid foundation before use. 2) the instructions say to tap bottle vigorously before use. My common sences told me I bet this thick liquid needs a warm up. I personally gently warmed the bottle with my hands,and tapped the bottle like I needed stress relief. There were no uneven product distribution issues. Another fun fact about this packaging is that the bottle lid is the same skin tone as the liquid inside.

Jumping into product. The portion size coming from the pump is huge. And if you use Almay Healthyglow as suggested by the bottle, you’ll hit medium coverage in one use.

Full Pump of Almay Healthyglow Foundation in shade 100-LIGHT

When you pump the product out into your hand, as shown above, you will see both products pump into your hand. And you will be looking at foundation and gradual self tanner. Simply mix the two and apply just like any other foundation. Personally I only used a half pump and got the coverage I was looking for. I applied the foundation with my fingers and with a damp beauty sponge.

The feel of this foundation, to me, is moisturizing. Surprisingly the foundation feels so flexible on my face. HealthyGlow Foundation looks like skin. Maybe all the SPF gives it an amazing texture, but it’s perfect on dry skin. You can set it, you can use primers, and setting sprays. I layered on creme contour, liquid highlighter, highlighter powder blush, bronzer.

Just what you’ve been waiting for my test results.

After just 3days of daily wear I had the most luminous, glowing skin, I have ever had. Seriously I was thinking to myself,”finally all that skin care was paying off.” But it was the foundation.

My make up free face glowing and I think my skintone seemed very subtly deeper after a week of continuous use.[/caption

Additionally when wearing this foundation I perceived I had this golden glow that those high-end beach models have. That kind of glow is usually created with reflectors and maybe Photoshop, but Almay put it in a bottle. This is one of the best drug store foundations I have ever used.

[caption id="attachment_254" align="alignnone" width="248"] Everyday natural make up look, featuring Almay Healthyglow Foundation

Amped up loom featuring Almay Healthyglow Foundation

In conclusion, this Almay Healthyglow Foundation is amazing. The light shades favor yellow undertones, and I wish they had one shade in fair or very fair. It’s perfect for dry skin. The foundation preformed well. It can last at least 6-8 hrs or longer with touch ups. I could see myself buying this again and will certainly be wearing it all summer or untill the bottle runs out! In fact I’ll be giving away a bottle along with a few other goodies on instagram, so stay tuned to my social media channels for deets. Please remember to subscribe to my blog, comment on this post and share.

Special Note:
I received this product on compliments for sharing my honest opinion.

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