Total Tease Mascara

Do you know that feeling ; the one you get when you find an amazing mascara? Total Tease Mascarahas me so lash confident I threw away my “old” stockpile. Yes! That is some serious results. Cover Girl sent me this mascara, and I want to share my thoughts. Join me for this post as I discuss my experience.

I will cover the following topics in regards to Total Tease Mascara: packaging, wand, and a few tips on how to use this mascara.

Diving right into the packaging for this product is easy. The mascara comes in a matte black tube with a pink lid. The lid is shaped similar to the wand inside the tube. I definitely prefer the long tube style versus the jumbo tubes. The wand is pink and when dipped into the mascaraappears all black. I think the wand tip is silicon or something with a slight flexibility. Bottom line is nothing fancy, just a straight up mascara tube. Personally I think it is very ordinary, but it maybe why Total Tease Mascara is so affordable.

Now the main attraction the Total Tease Mascara wand.

As mentioned before, this wand is pink and the tip is just so positively different.
I want to point out, this wand seems to have 3 different Combs. Short teeth,long teeth, and this extra long special detail teeth at the edge of the wand tip.
I will say it took a couple of times of use to catch on to using this wand. But now that I got it, I may never go back to a brush wand again. That was short was it not? Hehehe!

I am one who understands that everyone applies make up in a way that suits them . So the next point of discussion is how I personally use this mascara and wand.

Step 1) pull out wand
Step 2) Apply to lashes by lightly rotating the wand.
Step 3) use the comb to spot define. Like inner corners and outer eye lashes.

That’s everything, tips, deets, and one last thing. This formula pictured here is actually non-waterproof.
I actually have little run and the mascara dries quickly from application to dry. I threw away like 3 different brands of mascara after trying this. The good news is I believe there is a Waterproof formula. I will be sticking with this washable version. I am so glad to have a mascara that really suits my ideals of perfect mascara. I want to conclude with the following: This mascara is worth having. Easy to apply, and great results after application.

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I received this product complimentary from Cover Girl Insiders.

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