Masque*Ology ™ Hydro-Gel Collegen GoldMask

Searching for skin care products that actually work, requires a lot of effort. And all to obviously trying a lot of products comes with it. So if you are exhausted of skin care products failing to give you instant results, I have found a skin care mask worthy of talking about. And it’s my right now secret weapon. Should I share?? Alright you win!

Introducing Maskology Hydro-Gel Gold Mask.

The points I’ll be illuminating are: Packaging, the product, my results, and how I achieved my results.
Read along while I share all the glittering benefits to this amazing find.
Spoiler Alert: it’s affordable!!! Here is another link to the Maskology Hydro-Gel Gold Mask

I know your so ready for the product deets. Discussing the packaging’s look and feel may seem dramatic, but trust me. Simply seeing this mask on Instagram made me buy this.
Kicking things off, we have got to chat about what the Maskology Hydro-Gel Gold Mask package looks like so you can find it.Maskology Hydro-Gel Gold Maskcomes in a very stable lined,metal pouch. I really appreciate the packaging because any extra essence stays very stable inside after opening for a while. The pouch is black, with a picture of a gold mask and some very scientific graphics.

I felt like a serious skin care aficionado while buying it. Now I am going to club this packaging discussion point with describing, the look and feel of the actual Maskology Hydro-Gel Gold Mask.
Put your sunglasses on or prepare to fall in love at first sight.
This insanely beautiful mask, will have any Holo-effects lover gasping with the sound of ,’I must have’ resonating from every fiber of their existence. This mask is seriously beautiful. What gives the Maskology Hydro-Gel Gold Mask its glittering allure? 24k gold. Additionally hydro gel masks are fairly fragile. Extremely long nail ladies your going to need assistance. This mask is really easy to use and comes in 2 pieces. Huge adoration points from me, because the mask is meant to fit all faces, not the contrary all faces will have to fit the mask norm.Although I mentioned handle with awareness, the gold mask is stable enough to stretch. Last benefit before we jump in deeper to results. My personal feeling is that I love the amount of essence in the pouch and on the mask. There is so much essence the mask slips a little until your skin starts drinking. After about 20 minutes you’ll feel the mask has adhered to your face and feels a little tugging. Love connection.

Enough about all the little things, and yes I finally do wear this. Allow me to share my results.
I will share the same way I used the mask so that you can recreate and hopefully have the same experience.

First prepare your face to soak up as much essence as possible. Do this by washing your face gentally with warm water. If you have a facial warm steamer, use it as an additional step to really open your pores. For those of us who don’t have facial steamer, jump in the shower and use the steam to open your pores and soften the skin. This is the only modification I made to the direction on the packaging.
Next apply the mask to suit your face, wait 20 minutes, and peel off. You can forget rinsing off the essence. Your skin wants to soak all of this essence up.
Just to add a closing tip: use the left over eye and chin cut outs the next day for a boost.

2 pieces forehead nose as one piece, and chin strap as a 2nd piece. Totally genius design.

Just call me captain of the glitterati! This mask is loaded with gold dust.

Results, let’s talk results. Get really close to the mirror in fact to close and you’ll see your pores appear reduced, skin just seems to appear tighter, bouncy, firm. Additionally I usually have the most subtle glittering from the deposit of gold dust on to my skin. What could be more evident than that? Personally I adore this mask. I made everyone in my family try it. Totally recommend this. For ladies who have those deep tones and use Banana powder this would be a great step under your glam looks. Especially if you’re setting with Banana powder this would just brighten your natural skin. You’ll be glittering.

Once the essence soaks in the mask is wonderful and snug.

Wishing for natural day light, but this is the best artificial light capture of glowing. You can see the golden glow all over my skin.

And after 20 minutes.

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Oasis Vox Box

The hot summer has me searching for a beautiful Oasis. I’ve got a virtual Oasis on influenster to take my mind off the grind. Influenster recently sent me an Oasis Vox Box,and I would love to share about it with you, but pardon my empty snack wrappers. I ate them all before I found out I was a top influenster and could score up a BONUS badge.

This box was the best box I have received. It had items that I really would prefer to receive. Here is the list of goodies. 2 of the 4 Vera Wang embrace scents. I tried the refreshing Rose and Vanilla as well as the Periwinkle and Iris. The new Vitalist Healthy Elixer Foundation from CoverGirl and a sample size bottle of EVA New York 10 in 1 hair primer. The Oasis Vox Box, also had some fun snacks 3 flavors of Welch’s Fruit Rolls and a PB and J flavor Aloha bar. Last but certainly not the least, Oasis Vox box featured Evolution cold pressed juice.

Following the same style as my last Vox entry, I’ll give you a short and sweet play by play of my experience with each product below.


Rose and Vanilla- I loved how this fragrance was able to capture the scent of fresh-cut roses. I was impressed with the very light notes of vanilla and a noticeable hint of mandarin orange. This light vanilla touch actually made me feel the fragrance was tastefully made. Personally the scent is perfect for the office or any day event that you should be mindful of the sensitivity of others. I even think this is the perfect active fragrance for a woman.

Periwinkle and Iris- I am so impressed with this particular scent. It is definitely impactful. And a little goes along way with this scent. Again I feel this scent reminded me of sandalwood but it’s not in the bottle. This scent is wonderfully exotic, but not overtly intoxicating. However it is a very distinct very deep scent that others will certainly smell. Be polite if you wear this to work as too much of this would certainly overwhelm. I confidently say wear as much as you like on the weekend. I could see myself buying this fragrance.


I am so confused by this product. It has an amazing scent, but I just didn’t notice any of the claimed benefits except when I used it as a styling aide for my natural wavy curly hair. If they offered this product as a hair deodorant or refreshing spray I could see myself buying it. But as a hair primer It confused me.


This foundation is Cover Girl-A-made-zing. I loved everything about this foundation. Wear a thin layer or build it up to full coverage with a brush or blender sponge. This bottle makes me want to wear full glam make up every day. I never had a dry patch. I do highly recommend wearing a primer with this as I personally felt better coverage with vs without. Zero oxidation issue, but I am not oily. Grabs great on to primer. A little goes along way. Easy to blend, and my favorite part easy to remove. I can definitely see this foundation as a staple in my bag.
Here are a few pictures so you can see why I loved this foundation so much.

Here is a link to check out Vitalist Healthy Elixer Foundation

Now those snacks.

These were so soft. I really like how the rolls are made of real fruit and you can see it for your self when you unroll them. They are packed with vitamin c, so definitely a fun treat to find on an Oasis. I really loved the tropical punch and strawberry. I shared the berry roll with my colleague, and they really liked it.


I would like to try a different flavor because this was awful. And I hope to remember them with better feeling than this bar gave me.


This is an amazing flavor when it comes to green juice. It’s sweet and not overtly citrus or fishy/butter. When I go on my green juice binges, I must have one everyday. This one is perfect in texture as well. It looks delicious because it is.

NOTE: All opinions are my own. I received this box and all of the products in it complimentary of the brands via Influenster.

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Daisy Vox Box

As a visitor to my content on social media, you see tons of mentions about Influenster. Influenster, Influenster, Influenster, click that badge on my our friends page, and sign up today..thank me later. And after a much awaited time, I finally got to be one of the lucky members to receive the Daisy Vox Box. Today’s post will feature short summary reviews on all the products from my vox box.
Before jumping into some quick reviews, I want to let you know, I was sent all of the products mentioned in this post for free in return for my thoughts and opinions on the products.

Let’s dig into the Daisy Vox Box….

I was sincerely thrilled to get a vox box, but was not actually sure the products would fit my life. However as soon as I received the box at home and touched what was sent;I was shocked at just how truly practical and extremely well every product fit me, and my lifestyle.

The list of exactly what products came in my Daisy Vox Box are as follows.

Live Well: Shampoo and Conditioner in Moisturizing and Coconut Scent

Say Yes To : Charcoal Detox Facial Sheet Mask.

Nature’s Made: Probiotic Gummies

Always: Infinity Flex Foam Feminine Product

Dannon: Fit Yogurt

Smart Pop: Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn.

I’ll share a brief summary of each product in the same order as listed above.

Live Well Shampoo and Conditioner coconut scent.

Usage Results featuring a before and after pic. I used only this product for one month.

Charming Guru readers know that I have lost my love for shampoo. I am a co-wash kind of woman. So I was extremely skeptical about trying this line. The verdict. Wow that’s strong cleansing agents I am squeaky clean. That was the ugly. The bad, is I think daily use would be drying for normal or dry scalps. The good…As strong as the shampoo is, I lost minimal hair. The scent actually stays on your hair for days even after a blowdry. I did use this 1-2 times weekly for a month and never had itchy or dry scalp. I think this shampoo is so very emollient, its wonderful. I think the conditioner is decent, there is no Ugly or bad to describe it. Additional awesome points …. I had little to no facial irritation due to residual rinse shampoo and conditioner. That is an impressive fact. Overall wow way more gentle than I expected. I’m still on the cowash train, but I would not feel ashamed saying I actually like this brand and this product.

SAY YES TO: charcoal sheet mask.

Me Recreating the picture on the cover of one of the best sheet masks EVER

I loved everything about this mask. I get bounce off the wall crazy just thinking about how awesome my experience with this mask was. The use of this detox mask saved me from a hardcore incoming breakout. This mask has a feel good tingle. At first I was like great my face is going to burn, but I did not have ANY redness or irritation from the essence in this mask. I was shocked because I did not believe this brand was quality, but this mask is AMAZING. Not to forget to mention 96% natural ingredients. I would totally be willing to purchase this mask.

Nature’s Made: Probiotic Gummy.

Great flavor, and fun to eat.

I jokingly refer to these as a cleanse, but they are quality probiotic. I experienced immediate positive results. This is the first Probiotic other than yogurt I have ever taken, and if you’re looking , I would say these are very effective. I am still amazed at the quality of this product. They taste very sweet, but they are small and easy if not wonderful to chew.

Always: Infinity foam feminine product

This one is embarrassing, but honestly, I loved flex foam. It felt like so breathable. This was like everything you wished a feminine product of this kind was like. I’m almost grateful to have tried this, bc as a women when it comes to this topic I would never ever stray from what I know gets the job done. I hope I can find a wholesale box of these in the future. Women if you’re an Always gal, flex foam is freedom.

Dannon Fit and Light Yogurt

I want to just start off this review by saying how impressed at the ingredients list. Seriously any person can have instant awareness as to what is going in their bodies. Additionally the fat-free yogurt is Kosher!!! I did see this line does have Greek yogurt too. Yogurt is an amazing health food. I would like to see Dannon sweeten and flavor their brand with Honey opposed to natural flavor.

Smart Pop Microwave Popcorn

Every Friday night in my home is popcorn night. I enjoy my fave series on TV or see a movie. Smart Pop Microwave popcorn was actually tasty. It pops into a handy container, so it’s virtually mess free, untill after, but I’m trying to stay outta the live greener weeds. I could see this as my go to office snack. I think the sea salt was very light,but I love plain ole popcorn flavor.

I feel like this box blog, really facilitated this very intimate blog post. You’ve got good and deep ideas into my personal life and how I live everyday. Special thanks to Influenster and all the contributing brands. I received all of these products free.

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Loreal Infallible Total Coverage Kit

I have been working so hard testing out products that I think are worth sharing some thoughts on. When all of a sudden pre spring, really 6 months ago color correction became a thing. There were these skillfully placed color corrections placed on women’s faces in the form of fairy trees or other dream like imagery. Any how it was amazing to see. After those videos were forgotten, I was thinking to myself, maybe its time to seriously commit to make up. Start replenishing my old professional stash, that had run its course. I thought well everyone has forgotten about color correction I’ll start there. All of a sudden color correction pallets became the next have to have item. 2 seasoned YouTube vloggers featured cc pallets. I have tested 2 major brand pallets. And have a third waiting to be used. This post features the pallet Loreal Infallible Total Cover Correction Kit .I feel this is the drug store pallet worth using on a personal make up bag level.

Beauties you know my review style: packaging, and performance. But today I’m going to add in tips on how to use this pallet. So onward to the juicy details.

The Loreal Infallible Total Cover Correction Kit has 4 cc concealers and an application sponge all in a shiny black, plastic case. I don’t like to talk price when it comes to my reviews, because it’s about an encompassing check list for me… any how, this pallet is 13 dollars. And that plastic package, ain’t nothing fancy! Bonus though FYI there are 3 dollar off coupons on the pallet for now. That price is the most awful part of this pallet. The cc concealer shades you get are: green, yellow, purple, and orange.

Deep diving into my thoughts on performance, here we go! The big shocker is, I really feel this pallet is meant for light tones of skin. The shades of consealer are very light pastel. While these cc consealer shades and undertones are prefect for my fair tones. I did my friends make up, and she is a very deep coastal South Indian skin tone. Instead of the orange adding a warm deep color to even out her discoloration. The orange shade seemed to merely neutralize to ash the discoloration.I ended up layering cc shades of yellow and orange, and had extreme brightening effects. Bottom line, undertones are so important. Seriously we could have skipped it. If I was desperate we could layer one basic color, but since I am testing a third pallet, I would test the depth of colors ,vs repeating the mediocre result on dark skin. I do feel light tan and light olive tones could also use this pallet.

Tip 1: Green will cancel out redness. Rather than dotting on each blemish, if you have clusters of pimples cover the whole patch and gently blend outer edges of cc concealer.
Tip 2: Yellow is Amazing awesome brighter for Tan skin tones.
Tip 3: Lavender may help neutralize yellow foundations. This tip would be especially helpful to very fair tones.
Tip 4: use orange cc on dark eye circles or to correct dark hyper-pigmention.

In conclusion I am very happy with this pallet. The formula is creamy,provides great coverage, and is so easy to blend. I’m a little embarrassed but I live the tiny thin sponge, but it probably is cheap. I think is a splurge, but worth it with a coupon. However if you have deep ethnic tones darker than tan, I’d steer clear. Other wise this pallet gets 2 thumbs up for quality.

Have you tried this pallet? Got product recommendations? Share in the comments below.

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Hydro Boost Cleansing Gel

This review will start off with some special news. 1) I did get this product free for the purpose of reviewing in exchange for my honest opinion. 2) Placing my personal opinion on my self funded blog is my own choice.
With that out-of-the-way, on to my review.

This review will chat about: Product performance, packaging, and,what I did not like about the product.

At first impression this product does all it claims to do. Let’s deep dive into some details.

I decided to test the claim of the product to remove makeup residue. The test was conducted by; myself applying a thin layer of make up, and then going out for 8hrs with no touch ups. When I came back home, I used this product to cleanse my face. Yes it removed what very little makeup I had on my face.

Hardly any make-up on my face. No primer, no brows, no contour creme

As you can see from the above photo, Hydro Boost cleansing gel, does remove makeup residue. Continue to run my tests of performance; my next test was the long-term effects of the product on my skin. I have learned so much about my personal skin and how to use different products as well. So I am on a journey and learning too. I began my extended use test, by not wearing makeup as often. The test was to wash my face every morning and every night with hydroboost. I wanted to really see if the plumping and moisturizer effects of the hyaluronic acid would be visible. Let’s just say, I’ve been using this product since January 13,2017,and I have stopped using it twice daily because its too drying for my dry skin. I now use it as a follow-up to make up remover,and 2-3 times a week in the evening.

Continuing on with some performance highlight bullet points:
°actually a gentle cleanser
°I had zero redness from use
°One gentle pump gives amazing lather
°I love how my skin feels immediately after use, so cool and clean.
°Soap free

I can only see myself repurchasing this again if I get bored, or when the bottle is empty and my skin goes crazy from not using it. But we will have to wait and see.

Before I share about packaging, I’m just going to spill it on the points of this product that I would have liked to know before I used it. Guess you call it my dislikes about it.

°This product is in No way a make up remover. Yes I tested by baking on a full instaglam face of make up and immediately tried to wash it off. And whoa boy, that was more of a mess than I had expected. So you will have to use a make up remover first. Which kinda makes it’s claims confusing.

°over use of this product is very easy to do and is very drying. I used 1 to 2 pumps, and 10 mins later if I forget to moisturizer my skin feels sucked dry. After talking it out with you all I’m going to reduce to a half pump. Which is smaller than a dime and see if that is less drying. Right now I am remedying the issue by alternating cleaners.

°I’m not sure there were results from the hyaluronic acid. But when I add moisturizer like avocado oil or some drug store special. The moisturizer seems to stay on my skin longer. I’m kind of confused if that is locked in or out.

Other than above mentioned I have no other faults to find with the product and I actually enjoy using it.

The packaging is a beautiful blue. The cleanser is clear. And the pump is white, and dispenses what seems to be the perfect portion. The bottle is plastic,so you could literally throw it anywhere; however I recommend gently placing it where you desire,but you get it.

In conclusion over my 3 month test period I discovered a seriously decent facial cleanser. It may not be my holy grail, but confidently I could reccomed it. The very clean yet gentle feel I get from this facial cleanser is quality . I do wish it was for dry skin too. I could see this product as a holy grail for, normal to oily skin, but I will continue using this cleanser.

Here is a link to Neutrogena Hydroboost Cleansing Gel

Let me know in the comments if you tried this product. What were your results? Did you like it? Please like, share and follow me on Instagram.

Note: Affiliate links appear with an underline with in this post.


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Time Revolution

Today I want to discuss a new K-Beauty product, and you can find this one at Target. It’s an ampule, and can be used Day or Night. The product I’m reviewing is Missha Time Revolution. Im going to discuss packaging, my opinion and results of use.

I really like the packaging. A glass bottle with a plastic dropper applicator.

Additionally this ampule does come in a very attractive royal purple paper box.  Overall not anything fancy, but standard for product type.

So what’s inside the bottle?  A wonderfully scented glee substance made from borabbit. The glee is an ampule so that means super concentration. As much as I enjoyed using this product, I think it’s mediocre as an ampule.  Its great as a daily and nightly moisturizer. Personally this didn’t yeild me any noticeable results, that i didn’t already get from other cheaper products. Additionally if I do use this product I have to wash it off in the morning other wise I break out.

I didnt absolutely fall in love with this ampule. But it does moisture your skin. In conclusion I would not repurchase this.





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Tribal or doodle?-MAC Eyeliner Review

I am constantly reviewing products and scanning the world wide web for tutorials, and information for my daily beauty cravings, as well as opportunities for my blog.  This week, thanks to CATCHY FREEBIES, my quest for an eye liner to review was full filled.  As per my usual style let’s talk packaging, product quality, and how easy is this to use.

As you all may or may not know.. MAC cosmetics are apart of the Estee Lauder cosmetic family.  We can think of MAC as the high fashion sometimes rebellious child in the family.  So had I not received this via CATCHY FREEBIES, my eyeliner would have come in a box pretty standard of the family line.  So lets talk packaging of this product.  This is the BLACK, EYELINER, it is waterproof and also has vitamin A and E, in the formula.  The pencil, comes in a sweet plastic click/turn style pencil with a lid.  You can give your sharpener a rest, but keep an eye on your lid, it does not slide on to the bottom of this pencil.

This is the label. Notice with Vitamin A&E
This is the label. Notice with Vitamin A&E

Moving along to product quality.  I personally loved this formula and tested it with two separate looks, one of which i have shared in this post. The MAC eyeliner is so creamy and so easy to smudge.  It is a standard shade of black.  I personally would like to see it darker, but I loved the results. Overall I am going to give this a 5 star rating on quality.  This is my first click pencil department store eyeliner to use ever, and it is better than I have ever experienced.  Did I mention this little piece of awesome is WATERPROOF? It is.  If I had to mention a demerit it would be the white printed label on the pencil.  I foresee this rubbing off with use, and that may make it hard for me to be a repeat customer, however not a deal breaker.

So I can hear you asking me, “was this easy to use?”  YES.  The formula seriously glided on my eyelids, like lipstick, a thousand times better than any drug store click pencil or pencil.  I would say that some other formulas pencils such as smash box would compete, but this beats the regular pencil on the points of water proof.  My biggest eyeliner pain point, is that my eyeliner rubs off onto my brow bone or the crease in my socket, and i feel like a raccoon.  This pencil hardly rubbed off. A HUGE plus for me. If I had set this eyeliner with powder or used a primer, I foresee that I would not have experienced this issue.  After 2 test scenarios, one a heavy dramatic night look, the other a lighter kind of smokey office appropriate look, I would recommend this and I am not even a paid MAC consultant.  I can feel you wondering was there any dirt to this?  No!!! I was able to wash this formula off with a make removal wipe, and didn’t have to lose eyelashes or have huge black under eyes afterwards.

In conclusion, this formula fit my needs, I loved how easy this pencil was to smudge.  I love how easy it was to layer for deeper dramatic effects. My false eyelashes stuck so easily to it.  This is the benchmark for my future eyeliner trials.  Thanks CATCHY FREEBIES team.

This is a photo of my finished look for the office.
This is a photo of my finished look for the office.
This is what the eye looked like. This is a great base for packing on pigments or powders for a dramatic look. PS Apology for the crazy eyebrows, i am working on them.
This is what the eye looked like. This is a great base for packing on pigments or powders for a dramatic look. PS Apology for the crazy eyebrows, i am working on them.



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I’m sure you’ve all seen the telemarketing or infomercials on television.  They appear most often late at night or as fillers before newscasts on weekends.  Usually they are promoting cosmetics and they can be addictive to watch.  Also, this type of promotion or selling is seen on home shopping networks.

As I mentioned, they are addictive.  Especially if you are as nutso about cosmetics as I am!  I can wander for hours in cosmetic stores or cosmetic sections in the department stores.  And gwp’s ….. Gift with Purchase…..are always calling my name.

Back to buying cosmetics from infomercials….these companies promote their products by first hooking you on the miracles their products offer by introducing them one by one.  Then….they offer you a package of their “best sellers” with an incredibly low cost to you.  And if you don’t order immediately, they will reduce the price even more for the package deal and add extra product samples….plus shipping and handling !

Now that you have received the products and are hooked on them, they inform you that you now have enough product for thirty days.  And in thirty days they will send you the full size products that will last you for at least three months.

AND, they will bill you each month “x” number of dollars.  This cycle will continue forever unless you cancel.  And you will begin to stock-pile product if you don’t use as much …or all…. of the products.   Some marketing companies offer an online site you can get on and reduce the amount of product sent every three month cycle, staying within a limited number of products.  I’m not certain they all do but the ones I’ve dealt with do.  However, you have to remember to do that.

Also, they prefer to deduct the monthly payments from your bank account.
There again, you have to remember to make sure the money is in the bank.

In summary, this can work for you if you’re a busy woman with zero shopping time and are diligent about the online order reduction, and the banking.  However, I have found since I like shopping so much, I buy additional products and spend too much money!

So shop at your pleasure…..and economically.

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