Hydro Boost Cleansing Gel

This review will start off with some special news. 1) I did get this product free for the purpose of reviewing in exchange for my honest opinion. 2) Placing my personal opinion on my self funded blog is my own choice.
With that out-of-the-way, on to my review.

This review will chat about: Product performance, packaging, and,what I did not like about the product.

At first impression this product does all it claims to do. Let’s deep dive into some details.

I decided to test the claim of the product to remove makeup residue. The test was conducted by; myself applying a thin layer of make up, and then going out for 8hrs with no touch ups. When I came back home, I used this product to cleanse my face. Yes it removed what very little makeup I had on my face.

Hardly any make-up on my face. No primer, no brows, no contour creme

As you can see from the above photo, Hydro Boost cleansing gel, does remove makeup residue. Continue to run my tests of performance; my next test was the long-term effects of the product on my skin. I have learned so much about my personal skin and how to use different products as well. So I am on a journey and learning too. I began my extended use test, by not wearing makeup as often. The test was to wash my face every morning and every night with hydroboost. I wanted to really see if the plumping and moisturizer effects of the hyaluronic acid would be visible. Let’s just say, I’ve been using this product since January 13,2017,and I have stopped using it twice daily because its too drying for my dry skin. I now use it as a follow-up to make up remover,and 2-3 times a week in the evening.

Continuing on with some performance highlight bullet points:
°actually a gentle cleanser
°I had zero redness from use
°One gentle pump gives amazing lather
°I love how my skin feels immediately after use, so cool and clean.
°Soap free

I can only see myself repurchasing this again if I get bored, or when the bottle is empty and my skin goes crazy from not using it. But we will have to wait and see.

Before I share about packaging, I’m just going to spill it on the points of this product that I would have liked to know before I used it. Guess you call it my dislikes about it.

°This product is in No way a make up remover. Yes I tested by baking on a full instaglam face of make up and immediately tried to wash it off. And whoa boy, that was more of a mess than I had expected. So you will have to use a make up remover first. Which kinda makes it’s claims confusing.

°over use of this product is very easy to do and is very drying. I used 1 to 2 pumps, and 10 mins later if I forget to moisturizer my skin feels sucked dry. After talking it out with you all I’m going to reduce to a half pump. Which is smaller than a dime and see if that is less drying. Right now I am remedying the issue by alternating cleaners.

°I’m not sure there were results from the hyaluronic acid. But when I add moisturizer like avocado oil or some drug store special. The moisturizer seems to stay on my skin longer. I’m kind of confused if that is locked in or out.

Other than above mentioned I have no other faults to find with the product and I actually enjoy using it.

The packaging is a beautiful blue. The cleanser is clear. And the pump is white, and dispenses what seems to be the perfect portion. The bottle is plastic,so you could literally throw it anywhere; however I recommend gently placing it where you desire,but you get it.

In conclusion over my 3 month test period I discovered a seriously decent facial cleanser. It may not be my holy grail, but confidently I could reccomed it. The very clean yet gentle feel I get from this facial cleanser is quality . I do wish it was for dry skin too. I could see this product as a holy grail for, normal to oily skin, but I will continue using this cleanser.

Here is a link to Neutrogena Hydroboost Cleansing Gel

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