Smoldering Eyes

When the fire of my eyeliner is just hot khols, after a night of so much fun, I crashed without removing my eyeliner, my brain is like “o my gosh smoldering , I look so good.” Then my brain is like why can’t I look this good when I do my make up fresh?!? Well I have learned the trick, the technique. This post is going to be a tutorial on how to do the basic smoldering eye.

You will need:

Kajal type eyeliner.
The 2 currently on my make up bag are MAC technakhol waterproof kajal or Rimmel London scandal eyes waterproof gel pencil kajal eyeliner.

smudge Tip or cotton swab


Optional: eyeshadow primer

I start my look with a clean face and bare eyelids. Normally I would recommend an eyeshadow primer,but I am feeding my skin with avocado oil today. But I will use that oil to ease smudging and to our advantage. Please note if you are going to amplify this look you’ll want primer, but if you want that soft I woke up born with it look, you can skip it.

Step 1: Line your eyes, by following the natural shape of the eye . I do recommend lining into the lash line as well.

For a natural look, just use a fine line. Line into the lash line and barely but on the lid.

Step 2: Take the smudge tip or cotton swab and start smudging that black line. Personally am in the market for a smudge tip, meanwhile, I use a cotton swab and with tiny tight circular motions I smudge and diffuse the harsh black line.

Today I was really oily, but I have on no foundation, no eyeshadow primer.

It is desired that the kajal will gently stain your eyelid, creating naturally lined and deep-set eyes kind of look.

Kajals and khols are best for smudging and to can make your own, if you have an ancient recipe.

This is with a matte finish. I used my mac technakhol pencil. Visit my post titled Tribal or Doodle for more on today’s eyeliner.

Step 3: Add mascara

That’s it. Eyes done. Now you can start your flawless foundation routine, spend hours trying to decide if falsies are necessary or just head to the kitchen for food.

This look was achieved with Rimmel Scandal Eyes waterproof gel kajal. Additionally I have flawless foundation, brows filled, contour, highlights, mascara, matte lips. I’m amped.

Now that you have the basic smoldering eye down, you can amplify the look by adding smoking eyeshadow and falsies for glam. I like keeping it basic on lazy days for an anytime, any where kind of application.

Just 3 products on my face. Eyeliner, mascara, and creme highlighter.

Tip: To additional amplify this look smudge your lower line for definite smoking drama.

Comment below with your tips for smudging and your favorite kajal. Any questions are welcome. Share your recreation on Facebook and instagram. While you’re at it, like, friend and follow me. Feel free to subscribe to my blog. Hugs

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Kajal Eye Liner-Rimmel London ScandalEyes Gel Eyeliner Pencil khol/kajal Waterproof

Khol-MAC Technakhol

Mascara Cover Girl Total Tease Mascara

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NOHJ Healing Moisture Mask

This past week I have been swamped with products to try and review, and my schedule is a bit overbooked. My blog was a little neglected. It’s all good,back to real reason either of us is on this blog.Let me tell you all about this kbeauty sheet mask.

Breaking my usual review writing style, our path is really going to cover, my favorite things about this mask, and how to use this mask. You might be thinking umm seriously I could read the packaging, but my friends its written in Korean. So if you’re not one of my Korean friends, the “how to” part is for you!

I want to start off by telling you, I have normal to dry skin. I’m fairly certain I do not have sensitive skin, but there are a lot of products that set me on fire. With that in mind, this mask, was ZERO burn, tingle, or turn my face red. That is a line that is QUALITY in my mind.

Previous to this courtesy trial, I had never experienced a sheet mask, and I now wonder where they were all my life. This brand NOHJ healing mask in moisture, seemed very generous on essence quantity and product quality.  The mask was very very saturated and was a soft cotten like cloth.

The second arrow that cupid threw, had me in love with the ingredients list. Seriously you can see the 24Karat gold fleeks on the mask. This formula has it all: Aloe Vera, green tea, Centella asiatica, bamboo, tea tree, wheat germ, blueberry, lemon, tomato, ferment filtrate, Bifida ferment lysate, 24K gold purity 99.9%, lavender water. This combination has been so gentle on my skin . My dry patchy chin is smooth!  I just thought for so long that rough chin was how it was going to be.

On to the HOW To Part. When it comes to directions I love a step by step. Today I’m going to throw in a bonus Tip. How to use NOJH Healing Moisture Mask.

Step 1) wash or dampen skin

Step 2) open mask, unfold and place on face

Step 3) let mask sit for 15-20 minz

Step 4) Remove from face and place on neck or hands.

That is it just a few easy steps.But I have modified this how to, by common sense, and my results we pleasant. I am huge on multitasking when it comes to my beauty routines. To free up some time I decided to use this mask in the shower, if you have a sauna or steam device you’ll really boost this mask’s powers.

Here is my modified directions.

Step 1) Get a steamy shower going.

Step 2) Wet face

Step 3) Apply mask to face in shower.

Step 4) Do shower routine

Step 5) Dry off and remove mask

Step 6) place mask on neck or hands if needed.

I was actually much more satisfied when I used the mask in the shower. I assume the essence is water activated, and the steam would keep your skin moist,pores dialated, and active ingredients percolating.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed NOJH Healing Mask in Moisture. I think its great as a maintenance for those of us prone to dry outs. I am still searching for my Holy Grail, but I can see myself purchasing this again, as all the clay masks suck the life out of my face. My results were not so shockingly positive that I would pledge loyalty to this brand right away.

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Revlon Illuminate Skin Renewal System

Greetings everyone!  Let’s talk skin care this post. I have purchased a skin care device. It is made by Revlon and specifically called Illuminate Skin Renewal System . This review will discuss value, the device performance, and how I use this device.

Let’s jump right into value. This device comes with 5 attachments,the base device, plus batteries.  I got all that for $19.99 plus tax, at a local mart in my area. Here is a link to Replacements Sponge Heads. That is an awesome price point, since other major brands start at a price point of $120, and up! While au natural is moving in, skin care is going to be your ticket to EASY. This device would make an awesome gift to any college student. I can also see this as a great starter for someone who wants to get serious about skin care and would like to develop a serious routine. I actually feel really lucky to get this device at such an affordable price.  After seeing noticeable results with one use, we may purchase one for him!!!


My second discussion point is about device performance. Well I’d definitely say I got what I expected.  The Skin illumination device is battery-powered so the power behind the spin will change as the batteries loose juice, but pop in a new trio of double A, and viola! My device heads squeak a little when they turn but applying a little chap stick would probably fix that. I have 2 speed settings to choose from High and Low. The multi-speed options are awesome  functionality and I do use both speed variables when using this device which is Every Morning (see instagram just scroll down my page) and every night. There is an extraction attachment. I use it, but I rarely have pimples/ blemishes/ zits. Surprisingly I do find some body ash on the head after using it. This device extracts using suction. I am not sure if that is any more or less than a loop extractor, but it definitely increases circulation, and helps give that healthy glow. On to the bristles head. Yes it looks not as dense as other heads, but the way to use this attachment is for DRY brushing! And its amazing.

On to my Step by Step, How I use the Revlon Skin Illumination device.

My first tip is, to do this routine after a shower or bath. Or perhaps after a steam.

Step 1) wet your face,

Step2)Wet sponge

Step3)add your fav face wash to the sponge

Cleansing pad attachment.
Cleansing pad attachment.

Step4) turn that baby on, to low and allow device head to pass all over the surface of your face.

Tip: You do not need a lot of pressure.  Facial skin is delicate. Be nice to your collagen and let the device do the work.

Step5) Turn off device and wash off suds with tepid water. And pat your face dry

Step6) attach the brush head, and dry brush all over your face. This is amazing and gentle exfoliation.

Brush attachment
Brush attachment

Step7) attach extractor head and use where you may have pustules, and gently run all over face.

Extraction attachment
Extraction attachment

Step 8) Apply your fav serum and creams.

Step 9) attach message head, and gently move the device over all of your face to increase circulation.

Massage, circulation attachment
Massage, circulation attachment

Tip: immediately cleanse your device heads after each use and set in the open to dry. Spitz with alcohol when dry and store.

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Dry Shampoo Hack

Are you a dry shampoo fan? (man I love that stuff)In my last post I shared just how often I wash my hair. (It’s not that often). Often I find myself in conversation about all- natural remedies and those conversations have inspired me to share my DRY SHAMPOO HACK.

Things you will need:

1 vessel/container with a lid to use as a shaker.

Enough corn starch to fill your shaker

Few drops of essential oil.

°Optional stir stick for mixing.

For my vessel, I choose a glass shaker. Why that you might ask. Here is why. It has holes in the lid already.It comes with a stopper, and the container part is clear so I’ll know when it’s time to refill.

Next you’ll read my step by step recipe for dry shampoo.

Step 1
In my vessel/container I add a drop of essential oil.

Glass shaker and essential oil.
Glass shaker and essential oil.

Step 2
Then I add about 1/3 of the cornstarch. I personally mix at this point,but you can continue this layer pattern untill your container is full. I like to leave a little room to shake to mix.

If you chose a container with out holes for dispensing you will need to make dispensing holes. Keep in mind a little cornstarch goes along way when applying to your scalp.

Finished dry shampoo.
Finished dry shampoo.

Now you have an environmentally safe, and chemical free batch, of non aerosol dry shampoo. To use simply part hair shake onto scalp. Rub into scalp and style. Enjoy

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My Cowash Routine

Have you kicked your shampoo bottle out of the shower? I certainly have. Does shampoo dry your hair and scalp out? Are you ready to ditch laurel any and sulfate any? Co-washing just might meet your needs.
This post will cover my cowash, routine and a few secrets I have that optimize my routine.

Personally I have no shampoo bottles in my shower. I stopped using shampoo, because I shed massive amounts of hair. And I especially lose the most hair when washing out shampoo. I have tried a few cowash brands, some are definitely better than others.

I have made a look t of changes to my personal hair care routine. I cowash my hair once every 5-7 days. If there is a lot going on for me, I’ll wash every 3 days. Let’s dig into my techniques.

Once you have your favorite cowash, follow these steps.

STEP1: Wet your hair

STEP2: Section your hair from front to back and ear to ear, that 4 equal quarters.

STEP3: Apply cowash on the on the hairline parts.

STEP4: work each quarter by applying the cowash to hair in 1 in partings.

TIP: Apply cowash only to hair new growth. leaving the length with no product

STEP5: Allow cowash to sit on scalp for 3-5 min.

STEP6: Massage cowash through hair or massage scalp if needed.

TIP:Apply a 1/2 cup water and massage hair as of using shampoo.

STEP6: Rinse thoroughly

and that is it your done.

Occasionally if you feel obligated add conditioner just to the ends after step4 and then follow with step 5.

This has changed my hairs life. I lose less hair, I do not go through product as quickly, and I am able to buy a higher quality cowash, because I saved money. Other noticeable benefits my scalp stopped itching on the very next day.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. Let me know your tips, thoughts, questions in comments below.

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