Hair Colour Analysis

Do you have virgin hair? What is porosity? What types of hair colour are out there? These are just a few questions anyone would have before colouring their hair for the first time. Join me;as I help you navigate the massive, and often confusing world of hair colour. Know your options, know your hair, own your vision. This article will help prepare you to be your best advocate.

When you are ready to consider enhancing your hair style. An important first step is to own your vision, your expected results. Allow me to define a hair vision. A hair vision is a clear target. A clear vision of end results. I use target as a metaphor for vision,so that just like a target, you can gauge, where and what your expectations are. Hair colour is not an exact science. Hair colour is based on colorology, and that is why it is so important to know your options.

When drafting your hair vision having knowledge about the service offerings and product options will help you shape your final vision. Have you asked your self if you will colour your own hair or head to the salon? Where you plan to enhance your hair style will affect the product types available to you.

There are tons of hair colour product options. The brand list is at least a mile long. The following is a list of hair colour types you might use: permanent colour, semi permanent colour, demi permanent, temporary, lightner,or box color. Whether you will need to apply a combination of these products or just one, all depends on your desired results. Here is a list of service type options these products enable: Highlights, Lowlights, and all over colour. All of these services can be applied by various techniques such as: baliage, foiling, caps, baths,or partial and all over applications. Having a vision will help you or your stylist know what products, services, and techniques apply to you.

Once you have a feel for what you want your hair vision to be, and how your going to do it; you’ll need to choose products. Knowing your hair will have a huge impact on all areas of your hair vision. If you choose to head to a hair salon, your stylist will do this for you in a consultation. However you can help your self by knowing the following: your past service history if any, any allergies you might have, your hair texture and porosity. Wether at home or at the salon, to prevent any shocking results or allergic reactions a porosity and patch test need to be preformed.

Preparing for hair colour is intense, but it is worth the effort. Own your vision, knowing your options, and knowing your hair, will set you up for successful and realistic results. Applying these tips will empower you to be your own advocate at the salon or beauty supply store. You and your hair will be glad you spoke up.

What tips do you have?

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