Smoldering Eyes

When the fire of my eyeliner is just hot khols, after a night of so much fun, I crashed without removing my eyeliner, my brain is like “o my gosh smoldering , I look so good.” Then my brain is like why can’t I look this good when I do my make up fresh?!? Well I have learned the trick, the technique. This post is going to be a tutorial on how to do the basic smoldering eye.

You will need:

Kajal type eyeliner.
The 2 currently on my make up bag are MAC technakhol waterproof kajal or Rimmel London scandal eyes waterproof gel pencil kajal eyeliner.

smudge Tip or cotton swab


Optional: eyeshadow primer

I start my look with a clean face and bare eyelids. Normally I would recommend an eyeshadow primer,but I am feeding my skin with avocado oil today. But I will use that oil to ease smudging and to our advantage. Please note if you are going to amplify this look you’ll want primer, but if you want that soft I woke up born with it look, you can skip it.

Step 1: Line your eyes, by following the natural shape of the eye . I do recommend lining into the lash line as well.

For a natural look, just use a fine line. Line into the lash line and barely but on the lid.

Step 2: Take the smudge tip or cotton swab and start smudging that black line. Personally am in the market for a smudge tip, meanwhile, I use a cotton swab and with tiny tight circular motions I smudge and diffuse the harsh black line.

Today I was really oily, but I have on no foundation, no eyeshadow primer.

It is desired that the kajal will gently stain your eyelid, creating naturally lined and deep-set eyes kind of look.

Kajals and khols are best for smudging and to can make your own, if you have an ancient recipe.

This is with a matte finish. I used my mac technakhol pencil. Visit my post titled Tribal or Doodle for more on today’s eyeliner.

Step 3: Add mascara

That’s it. Eyes done. Now you can start your flawless foundation routine, spend hours trying to decide if falsies are necessary or just head to the kitchen for food.

This look was achieved with Rimmel Scandal Eyes waterproof gel kajal. Additionally I have flawless foundation, brows filled, contour, highlights, mascara, matte lips. I’m amped.

Now that you have the basic smoldering eye down, you can amplify the look by adding smoking eyeshadow and falsies for glam. I like keeping it basic on lazy days for an anytime, any where kind of application.

Just 3 products on my face. Eyeliner, mascara, and creme highlighter.

Tip: To additional amplify this look smudge your lower line for definite smoking drama.

Comment below with your tips for smudging and your favorite kajal. Any questions are welcome. Share your recreation on Facebook and instagram. While you’re at it, like, friend and follow me. Feel free to subscribe to my blog. Hugs

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